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Saturday being the opening of the trout season decided to take the better half up to chase soem trout. Since meeting me at the start of the year she has gone from someone who never fished before to a seriosly competative angler. This season we managed to gain access to some very private water apparently full of trophy sized fish. 

The creek looked good a bit low but otherwise we were feeling confidant. The first Km produced a couple of follows by small fish, when we  came to a bigger pool Amy had the first cast and pulled the hooks on a fish after casting the pool for a bit a big rainbow appeared a put a cast past him as soon as the lure came into view he was on it I'm pretty sure I carried on like a school girl when fighting the fish I was so excited eventually out came a cracker of a rainbow


measuring up at 47cm but in solid condition

worked our way up a bit to the next pool and Amy cracked a nice brownie about 30cm

further up in the next big pool we spotted some bigger fish I landed another quality fish then it was Amy's cast when the hit came followed by the run we knew this was a beast after the fight from hell and me getting ready to swim in icey water to free the fish from a log (thankfully it came back out) an absolute tank came ashore


the picture doesn't do this thing justice it would have weighed around 5kg it was an absolute tank

I got another quality fish 


but after Amy's beast nothing seemed big anymore, didn't catch a lot of fish but the quality was undeniable

The next arvo I got out on the kayak for a bass session, it was a tough bite ended up with 2 fish the bigger 1 a mid 30's model


then to finish off the long weekend took the kids up for a trout fish this morning, found an easy access point with a massive deep pool of water. Put a couple of baits out for the kids then Declan had a crack with my lure rod and sure enough it was nailed poor kid didn't know what hit him

the fish gave him quite a runaround but eventually we landed a really thick mid 40's rainbow 


he wouldn't pick it up, the fish was released then the worm rod went off and he ended up with another rainbow of similar size unfortunetly this fish was hooked in the gill so we decided to take home for a feed as it was almost certain to die.

I started having a cast and before long onto a solid fish it ran really deep thinking a brownie (after I spotted a monster) out came another rainbow 


quickly released to ensure survival

kept casting and after awhile and onto another this fish spent moe time in the air than in the water 


tried to get a quick pic but the fish had other plans atleast it swam off healthy 

Rosalie got in the action right at the end with a nice little rainbow


that concluded a cracker of a long weekend with not loads of fish landed but some quality size amongst them 

cheers for reading 


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Great report Dave! Amy looks like she is loving the fishing with you. 

Your kids are good anglers as well!

I want to catch trout myself - not caught one as yet. 

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There’s some quality fish right there and a great way to spend the long weekend! Well done Dave! 

Cheers scratchie!!! 

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Hi Dave. Your reports are helping to maintain my sanity till Cod opening. (only 2 months to go). What a wonderful report of a great family weekend where everyone shared in the action. That's what these clowns, that want to stop recreational angling, don't get. You all had an enjoyable time, out in the fresh air, and releasing everything back into nature (except 1 unfortunate) for somebody else to experience. Great pictures capturing the joy you were all sharing. Cheers, bn

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Looks like a cracker of a long weekend. Well done!

Kids look pretty happy!




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