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outboard motor that hasn't been run for years?

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Hi All

Quick question  regarding outboards.

I looked at a 2009 boat which was bought new.  The owner took it out for a total of 17 hours and passed away.

His wife left the boat in the garage as was for 8/9 years and sold it back to the dealer.

Dealer did a full service and whacked the boat onto the showroom floor.

Brooker is out of business so no way of getting details on the 525 Discovery

The 80hp Yammy on the back looks new.

What sort of problems would one expect with a motor that sat this long if any?  I'm under the impression it is better for a motor to run than to sit



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The standard is carbs, sparks clogging with gunk . Seals, lines and impellers giving up and perished... that sort of stuff. However if the dealer serviced it surley they would take some ownership prior to throwing her on the showroom floor. Are you able to water test or atlease give it a flush. Maybe compression test it. 

I agree with your thinking. Outboards are a " use it or lose it " i think anyway.

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I would definitely have the impeller replaced or make sure the dealer did this as part of their service. Also make sure the lower leg oil was  replaced.

My honest opinion is that, while it is most ideal that outboards are used frequently - they are actually quite robust - as long as the basics were covered when they were used (ie they were flushed out when in salt, did not have water in fuel etc).

If this motor had 200-300hrs use and then was laid up - I'd be really concerned - especially if it was laid up out in the sun and weather where the rubber components are likely to perish.  But even then,  thinking to my 1999 model black Merc that has only ever lived outside and has  baked in 45+C weather -  I have never had to replace cracked fuel lines or tubes, and I'm still running original lower hub seals etc. 

So looking at a motor that had only done 17hrs and then sat in a garage?? Honestly,  if the basics that @Stanton44 has highlighted have been taken care of, I'd ask for the thermostats to be changed - check for salt build up -it should be negligible if only 17hrs use, I'd have the compression checked out, then if she kicks over and fires up - when settled into an idle make sure there are no knocking sounds (no bearing issues)... if all that checks out then I'd say she is pretty good. If you can get someone to test the alternator/charging circuit ...then that will give you piece of mind that the electricals have not perished... all the better. 

In my experience outboards are generally pretty robust - and sitting undercover is a bonus.

I guess the negatives are stacked up against the dealer - Brooker out of business, popular belief that idle outboards can be trouble etc etc.  I smell some bargaining power in your favour if you like the rig.



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