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Nymboida opening

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The annual Nymoboida/Mann river closure finsihed for this year decided to go for a run up to the Nymboida. Starting point one of the bridge crossings in the national park.nI had forgotton how harsh the Nymboida terrain is, overgrown jagged rocks and swarms of march flies, nothing can make you feel more alive.

Did the usual casting spinnerbaits around boulders and back eddys and wasn't long before the lure nailed.


Nice cod to start the session he looks like he had a rough spawn season.

Worked the next few pools for some half hearted taps then landing a cast between 2 boulders on again


another cod of similar size

It wasn't a hot bite, the hits were coming when least expected then finding a big sunken log that screamed fish, it didn't disapoint 


the best looking fish of the day estimated about 50cm

not 10 steps downstream and on again for another cod of similar size


Things went quiet fir awhile heading back to the car did the one last cast and it was smashed the fish played dirty running me through boulders and rocks expecting a monster was surprised with another similar sized fish but a bit heavier and with some obvious attitude


that concluded a fun session worked hard for the fish but that makes them all the more satisfying 

Should point out these are Eastern cod which have a different annual closure to murray cod they are protected and were returned to the water unharmed 

cheers for reading 


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Nice fish dave  your havin too much fun lately  i gotta stop workin so much

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