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Bathurst fishing tips.

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G’day gang. Thinking of taking a drive out to Bathurst soon, not so much to fish, more for a day road trip, but I will have a rod and a box of lures with me. With limited time, I won’t be able to explore much area, but I have looked at the water where the highway goes over the river, just coming into Bathurst, on my way to the V8’s, and it looks like it could hold some fish. Any locals willing to throw me a few options or a little knowledge, I’d appreciate it immensely! 



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Turn right at Kelso ( Gilmore st ) follow through and turn left onto Eleven Mile dr which turns into Freemantle rd, follow Freemantle rd for approx. 15 k's till a bridge over river, just north of the bridge there are a set of rapids where you have a better than even chance of picking up a rainbow or two.


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13 hours ago, frankS said:

How did the week end go ?.


No good, Frank. Stopped at Flat rock camp ground on my way out.  Spoke to a bloke who was leaving, he said he’d been there for a few days and got some good fish, all on fly. I fished with plastics and didn’t get a touch. I then drove to the place you told me about. I think I found it, but there was hardly any water there and it looked tough going to even get to the water line on the northern side of the road. Drove back into Bathurst and stopped at a shop for some advice. Got given a few spots but all I saw was Carp. 

It hasn’t deterred me from trying for Trout, I’ll put in some more research and see what I come up with. Wentworth Falls lake and Lyell are my fall backs. 

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Mate. That's a shame, no water, all the rivers are suffering from the drought, the state needs rain and plenty of it. Lake Lyell probably your best bet, good luck and keep us informed how you go.

Even a dry spell is still worth a report and better than staying at home or work.


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