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Nambucca river boat session....

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My good mate decided we needed to have a fish on his boat this week so me working arvo shifts the only option was a good old dawn launch to get the most out of our free hours.

When I pulled up at the ramp Andy had already launched the boat and got a 50cm big eye trevally whilst waiting. We basically started fishing from the macksville ramp casting hardbodies along the rockwalls using med-heavy baitcast gear and bigger than usual lures hoping for jacks. About 10 minutes in all the tiredness was shaken from me when my lure was nailed and loded up on a solid fish 


A 42cm black spot a new pb to start the day 

Not long after Andy nailed a 50cm big eye on surface then we moved onto a flat casting magic swimmers for flathead didn't take long to load up on a fish but instead of a flattie out came a big eye


he was ambitious 

then it was back to a rocky bank casting hardbodies hoping for jacks when the lure was eaten I hoped but instead of a jack out came a very feisty bream


he was keen eating a 80mm deep diver 

We worked some shallow edges casting small bream lures for a mox of small bream, whiting, flathead and trevs.

Again we came came to a deep rocky edge and out came the bigger gear going for quality over quantity and again i was shaken awake by a solid take this fish went really hard and again another black spot 


this one went 43cm beat my pb thice in a session 

not long after Andy landed a small jack a high fives and fist pump moment (jacks aka red satan are  almost a myth in the Nambucca river).

We kept alternating according to structure and depth fishing shallow open country with bream gear and the nasty stuff with jack gear

whilst working a muddy bank i hit a snag which I realised was a flattie just lip hooked on a strikeprop pygmy,  a gentle approach saw it in the net a nice 59cm speci


We got a few bream no real big fish but a couple around the 30cm mark


We decided the jack casting was our primary focus so we casted the heavy structure 

Landing a perfect cast against some rock and timber my lure was nailed just after hitting the water had to jam my thumb on the spool I knew straight away this was no bream or cod... it's funny how time slows during the nervous moments of your fish avoiding the landing net...  but then it was in..... Red satan was in the net


The first jack I've caught in almost 2 years and only my 4th in approx 34 years of fishing.... happy was an understatement, not big but a jack, it was released after a couple of pics

We worked a bit more deep structure and I was annihilated by what I'm assuming to be a maasive cod didn't even come close to stopping it.

That was it for an awesome session spent the evening at work with a big smile on my face 

hopefully it's the first of many jacks for the summer 

cheers for reading 


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Yet another fantastic account of an amazing time on the water Dave. You really are blessed to have so many options to try for. No wonder you're such an accomplished angler. Well done on the Jacks and also the 2 new pb's. Defo got to try to get up there next time I'm in Sydney. Cheers, bn

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Nice mixed bag and looks like a great day on the water.

Man, I wish we got jacks down here on the south coast.

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