What gear I use for inshore kings

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Hi all! 

Just going to be running through some of the gear I use for inshore kingfishing.

First off, my light setup.

My reel is a Shimano Stradic 1000, a new addition, spooled up with some lower end (cheaper) 6lb braid and I usually run 10lb mono leader. It is a great little reel with a good amount of drag, just enough to stop those rat kings!

This reel is paired up with an Atomic Arrowz Estuary 7 foot, with a 3-10lb line rating. This rod goes great with the reel, strong, light and it is stiff enough that I feel confident casting heavier lures on it without it breaking!

Now to finish off, my heavier setup.

My reel is a Daiwa AIRD X 4000, a friend had a couple of them so I would always give them a go, it is a great looking reel that performs great, is light and has a great drag system, I have it spooled up with 20lb powerpro braid and usually use 30 pound leader for it. 

The rod I have this reel paired up with is a Shimano rod made for Fish Outta Water, I’m not entirely sure on the name, but I know that it is 9 foot long, and is rated to 8kg line, and is very good for casting, it is a great rod that isn’t used enough.

They are the rods, reels and line I use for kingfishing, just let me know if you would like to know about some lures I use and how to use them, and if this was useful to you.

Kind regards.


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I found it very useful Oscar. Not that I have such gear set up for Kings. However, I do have something suitable (using your info as a guide) That I will bring with me when I do try to catch one. I'm sure that many people would be pleased to read the types of lures, etc that you use. Cheers, bn

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Hey Oscar. What type of lures have you found worked in the harbour? I am also curious about retrieve techniques that you use. Ive seen people do a slow wind, a fast wind and a retrive where they pull it through the water stop and reel the lin back in. I'm only starting out with lures so I'd like to know. 

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@Despo4kingfish slap stix tend to work great for harbour and offshore kings, there are also multiple ways of working them, you can put a weighted jig head on them let it sink down to the bottom and jig it a couple time aggressively and then pause for a 5 second ish or you can go unweighted and just rip it across the surface 

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