last report for 2018

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Haven't managed a lot of saltwater fishing in the last few weeks, mostly just quick sessions with some random catches. 

Did a flats session down at Lake Cathie (south of Port Macquarie) chasing flathead on plastics with plenty of small flatties having a go, A big prawn went sipping arcoss the water so decided it was time to dust off the poppers, first cast 



first decent whiting on a popper for awhile, the hits came thick and fast just couldn't seem to hook up, then over a shallow section a solid whiting came from nowhere and inhaled the popper right at my feet,


a skinny fish but good length going 41cm.

The next session a quick pre work, casting the pathways around Nambucca, the water was crystal clear maing the bream very cagey. Kept getting hit by leatherjackets coming out from weedbeds trying to eat my plastic. With a bit of experimenting managed to snare one 


A pretty little yellowfin leatherjacket, haven't caught one for years, with a bit of practice managed to work them out just letting them pic up the plastic and swim off then strike hard manged quite a few jackets 

20181119_101532.jpg.f89f300789e66d65d8f82a4e6ef44ed0.jpgincluding a fan-bellied also got a solid yellowfin jacket pushing but dropped him back in the water pre photo, 

after the jackets found a baitball sinking a plastic through it got the familiar tap on the drop resulting in an average bream


For the final 2018 saltawater session started having a cast around the marina at Coffs Harbour not a lot of action mostly just "happy moments" chasing my plastics in big schools 

After a tonne of casts a tap on the drop and into what I assumed to be a decent bream when I glimpsed the fish thought this bream must be on steroids but as it came bankside it turned out to be a spangled emperor


a first on a lure 

heading back towards home pulled in at my favourite roadside spot, "the tree" and first cast 


a nice bream confidance beaming......... and then nothing tried big small hardbodies and plastics for zip, moved to the next tree 

again first cast was hammered but didn't hook-up, rolling the plastic back in it was crunched right at my feet by what I assumed to be the angriest moses perch I've ever seen but as I lifted the fish my jaw nearly hit the water 


RED SATAN on a bream plastic, only small but a prize at any size and my last fish of 2018 

that's it for 2018 

hope you've all enjoyed reading my 2018 reports as much as I've enjoyed writing them 



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I certainly have Dave. Best wishes for 2019 and we'll all look forward to reading your new adventures as they come. You certainly are an accomplished angler Dave. Cheers from way down South, bn

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Im with Neil, love reading you reports. 

Keep them up in 2019.

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Great report mate. And a great end to 2018. All the best for 2019 and more reports. 




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