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Chrissy fishing week 2


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Hey raiders 

Week 2

so on the 3/1/19 we arrive back at Jervis Bay with a rumour or 2 that the water had heated up and kings were starting to show up 

after the 2nd group run out of fuel on the highway a 5am start turned into a 6:30am start , boat ramp packed we finally managed to get on water 10 yakkas in the boat in 5 mins he head to squid grounds and they were very picky took us 3 locations to land the 1st so we left him in the water to attract his mates 15 mins lates 6 of his friends in the tank 

we then head to straight to point to find no boats, hmm worrying,  first 2 live squid go over and we start trolling within minutes sounder is lit up with massive bait schools and even bigger marks following it 

next thing we know Stella is screaming on high drag this is the 1m king , after about 8-10 minutes of fighting it seeing big colour in the water my knot pulls almost boat side goodbye pb king and my hopes and dreams with it haha 

regroup and we go agian mates rod screaming off it tits and reffed before we could even do anything , so after the next hour my mates rod got reefed 4 times and I managed to land a 76cm king on the Stella 

He regroups and lands a 74cm king without live bait left and conditions getting worse and worse we had to call it a day 

I promise the next 1m king will not be getting the same chance this one did 

wetherman no good us over so we didn’t manage to get back out there 


cheers tdogz 







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Nice catch and bad luck on not getting that 1m king

Had never read about that squid technique and couldnt find any info on it. So you just leave one hokked swimming in the water and it attracts some buddies?

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Cheers boys will make the 1m king every more worth it when she comes @Sigma @masterfisho7

I have found that when the squid are being very picky or really don’t want I show face at all,  if you drop 1 live squid in at the start of your drift and have him 2m under boat his friends will want what he has in his tentacles and tend to come up and drop  another jig  next to it will smash it, basically like having a follower when you bring in a squid , worked on more the 3 ocassions so far , give it a go next time it gets a bit tough! @mtlg

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