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New boat project, need info

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Hey guys

This is my 1st post sorry if anythings wrong. Bought an old boat as a project, a cox craft rum runner. Couldnt figure out its age so just assumed that it was as old as the motor but during renos removed the motor and found old patched mounting holes. Has no info on the build plate just engine and passenger size. Anybody got any ideas on how to find it out? Also anyone got any experience with rum runners?

Thanks guys

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Heres a pic, the photos I had where all to big to upload. The motor was a 1985 blackmax but it probably wasnt original.


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Hi Ando and welcome to the site. at first glance the old rum runner looks like a pretty decent sort of ocean going vessel . My guess is it would be approx. 1984 model. But in reality they were a bit of a pig ( sorry if this upsets you ) they were not a popular boat and you would see quiet a few of them on the 2nd hand market, they are heavy, don't sit very well in slop, broach on a incoming swell and purpose a bit, not a lot of fishing room as the cabin was oversize and needed a lot of power to get moving.

With all this said if you want a boat that floats on the water and you don't really want to go offshore a lot they can be a comfortable platform for you and 1 or possibly 2 mates on inclosed waters once you get the work room sorted with things where you want them.

Hope you enjoy it and have many years of boating and fishing, but it won't be cheap to run.


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