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water conditions report

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Hi Raiders,

What do you think of asking Raiders that are heading out where ever they are that have an iphone send a picture of the conditions and a quick observation on the state of the water so others that are thinking of going can decide whether or not by an actual report submitted by another Raider if it is safe for their size boat!

There is too many boaters drive a fair way to find the conditions are unfavourable for their size boat and still launch anyway simply because they have arrived there and don't want to waste their time and turn around without trying. 

Too many boaters that do this have come to grief, maybe just one report could save a fisho's life.


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Ahh- no- bad idea- photos rarely do sea conditions justice, what would happen if someone posted"all good mate , come on out" and later that day conditions changed and the 2nd boat ended up in trouble? The rules of sea leave the captain of the vessel in charge- it is their decision, i am in no position to recommend to anyone sea conditions or offer observations- the various weather sources, surf cams , data from the Waverider bouys are all there already and everyone should take advantage of them when planning a trip. The BOM has a legal responsibility and no doubt very good insurance to cover themselves should it go wrong- I dont!

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What Paddy said. Plus... I hit the ramp at 4-4:30am in order to hit the grounds at first light. The last thing I want to do that early is get my phone out and play around on the internet! You could be a late starter and hit the water a few hours later, by which time, conditions could have changed dramatically. In addition to Willy Weather, Fishranger, BOM etc., you can just listen in on the radio or ask Marine Rescue for an update. 😉

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Dont like the idea...what i may consider fishable conditions may scare some others with less experience or not as capable of hull an motor    its always up to the individual...i truck on up to broughton island some days into 18knots of nasty chop and im usually the only boat there..im very sure of mine and my boats capabilities   ive had others turn bak in bigger boats than mine cause they wernt comfortable with the conditions  ..the skipper is responsible...always... in my mind i wouldnt like to be the cause of someone else coming to grief just cause so n so said its fine....rick

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When on the water, what I find myself thinking often is "the forecast was wrong, its way [more/less] windier!" 

I thought about sharing this info but then realised the weather changes so quickly that even my on-the-water report can quickly become inaccurate shortly after! I'd rather not set a false expectation as I'm no meteorologist and certainly wouldn't want to I'll advise a FR even with the best intentions.

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