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Carcoar Dam

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Today I dropped in to have a quick look at Carcoar Dam enroute to home after a brief trip inland. Very picturesque, even with the quite low water level. I believe that there is a good population of redfin in there. Can anyone shed some light on the best time/s of year to target them and the most effective method/s to do so? Any other species worth targeting?

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Hi mate, 

Definitely a big population of Redfin in carcoar dam, there is also trout and increasing numbers of yellowbelly and Murray cod being caught. 

Spring and summer generally sees the fish move up shallower on banks with points being a good place to find decent numbers.

Trolling or casting hardbody lures is a good way to cover territory and get into almost all the species mentioned above. 

Casting lipless crankbaits and soft plastics are very effective methods.  

Hope this helps, 



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if chasing redfin  small bream style hardbodies work well

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