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kingie chaser

Dining at the chefs table-Flounder

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Hi Raiders, after making some comments in recent previous cooking threads & prompted by Mrs Swordy I thought it was about time I started to input some cooking ideas for you all.

I have been on these pages for a while now but a bit of back history, if you haven’t already gathered I am a chef by trade with 35 years of experience from cafe/bistro to fine dining & events based work, at times cooking & planning for up to 35,000 guests & single events up to 3000 guests at particular venues(not on my own of course!), I have had the pleasure of cooking for various Presidents, Prime Ministers & some of Australia’s rich & famous over that time & as well as people like us…….…..the average aussie.

So the way I look at it & without trying to offend anyone at all or sound toffee nosed but the usual fried food has its place & I will not be showing you fish & chips or salt & pepper calamari etc & attempt to show you some dishes that when I am at home & have some time on my hands I like make something that I think most of you should be able to attempt if you choose or want to challenge yourself a bit further.

In essence I consider myself a hunter & gatherer & love the idea of going out on the hunt for land & see based animals to provide myself with as much protein that will fit into the freezer till I next get the next opportunity.

Apart from what seafood that I can gather myself while at home I also like to delve into making things I have taken from the wild like my own venison sausages, jerky, slow cooked dishes like curries of all nationalities, cured dishes, pies from rabbit, wild pork on the bbq, duck & other game birds & all by respecting & utilising as much of the animal & its parts to the best of my knowledge.

I may also at times throw in a dish from work that I have been a part in making but really would just like to make this about what can be made at home.

Also if you have something like a request or after tips on some creation of your own then I would be happy to help if I can.

Anyway I intend on creating a bunch of threads titled “Dining at the chefs table” that I will add to when I get the opportunity, all in a different array of styles, origins & ingredients plus if your interested I will also add some game dishes as well?

Tonight's dish is from my catch yesterday while on botany bay, a nice 40cm flounder or sole(I cant tell the difference).

The dish is- Seared flounder with carrot puree, potato marquise, peas, saffron & lemon beurre blanc.


Not a hard dish but does require some simple techniques.


While I am not going to go through the entire dish as anything that I have stated can be easily looked up on the net but I am happy to offer any tips you may need to refine it if attempting.


I hope you enjoy.


Bon appetite





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Thanks Adrian! That looks amazing and I for one will be following your posts with interest.

I'd love a few more non fried options - particularly for the humble flathead.  Keep them coming and I may well come back with some questions as I delve into this more.  



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What a very generous person you are Adrian. The dish looks very well presented and I am sure would taste superb. Thank you for being so considerate. bn

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On 1/22/2019 at 7:07 PM, kiwicraig said:

@mrsswordfisherman we really need a reaction that captures "OMG that looks so good I could eat my phone".  Like seems inadequate! 😂

I know! It looks brilliant. 

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Thanks all, much appreciated.

@kiwicraig flathead is a staple of mine(& most people of course) as its such a prolific bread & butter fish.

I have a couple of dishes I have done in he not to distant past but seeing as there will be quite a few featuring flathead I might do a collage of dishes for that one in the one thread, probably the next one maybe?

Thanks again & stay tuned if your interested in some slightly finer but still what I would call home cooked types of dishes other than the usual fried fare most of us tend to think of :thumbup:

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