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Berowra waters

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Hi everyone just wanting to know what the fishing is like in berowra waters, I don’t own a boat so only land based fishing, is there fish out there or would i be wasting my time, I don’t fish much at all. Thanks in advance 


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Hey mate, i regularly fish Berowra and Apple Tree Bay (not that far away from Berowra) your best best for Berowra Waters is different combinations of bait not just normal prawns, when we go out we use a lot of different bait and have caught decent flatties, bream and all you other bread and butter fish along with eels, catfish and the occasional football (puffer).

ok lets talk bait options (all these have worked for me and my mates):

  • Prawns
  • Chicken Breast coated in Parmi
  • Bread
  • Corn

Below i have attached a pin point for Berowra, fish on the curve facing the bank on the otherside, cast out in between the boats and the bank (on high tide), when tide is low flick up the back towards the carpark, have seen some decent flatties in there. when tide is really low you can actually walk across to the bank on the otherside, there are stairs.

Also this place has BBQ's that can be turned on, good for putting some snags on while you catch some fish and sink some tinnies.


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