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Now I don't have a boat most of my fishing is from wharfs in our great harbour thank you Donna for that great post. 

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Good post, though there were a few comments that didn't have any reference to fishing Sydney harbour. Yes those in the UK have to pay for a Freshwater licence, however they don't need a saltwater one as we do, not sure why he made that comment.

The interview with the fella stating how we need to treat these areas as our home and clean up etc sounds wonderful but it's because much of the time this doesn't happen is why people want us off these areas. Most of us have been to areas where some anglers are drinking alcohol, leaving cigarette buts or tossing them in the water and generally having no respect for anything but themselves.

This selfish behaviour is something we are now starting to see creep in even down here in our sleepy little coastal town, especially in holiday season. Our local launch ramps and jettys often have anglers fishing who simply won't move their gear as we approach the only facilities we can use to get our boats in and out of the water. Trying to get boats in among lines cast out into the water often results in line around props then verbal abuse, this simply wasn't an issue a few years ago. Deliberately casting lines ahead of boats has happened to us and others I know.

Rather than simply believe it's a certain group wanting us locked out I always try to see both sides of the argument. I have no idea how attitudes of some people could be changed as certain groups actually seem to enjoy themselves by causing trouble, like the jetski hoons. Unlike the police sorting out the jetski hoons who cause the problems, in this case its seen as easier to ban everyone from fishing these locations.


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It's not just Sydney Harbour. Up here at The Entrance, fishers leave a lot of mess. On the Fisherman's Wharf development, where people eat, fishers left old bait, plastic bags, line and even human faeces. I cleaned up the line but drew a line at poo....I was on my bike anyway.

The town parks near the water and along the beaches are left with so much rubbish by fishers I despair.


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