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I'm a learner, adopt me *Rock Fishing

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G'day all,

I'm so keen to get into rock fishing but I take words of warning seriously and I don't have anyone to go with. I've driven to Kurnell at 6 am recently, it was truly a day to be reckoned with,  you would not have fished the rocks that morning.. Basically is any one keen to go for a morning or arvo rock session, I'm mad keen and could definitely stand to learn a few things.. located in Sydney's inner west, willing to drive wherever

- pez

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I guess it depends on your target species. I've only tried for drummer so I have a long rod, I wear a  life jacket and I have spiked boots. I've only caught a few, so I am no expert. 


What are you targeting. I'm a long way from you, I guess a drive up to the CC is too far for you



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