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G'day all,

I'm so keen to get into rock fishing but I take words of warning seriously and I don't have anyone to go with. I've driven to Kurnell at 6 am recently, it was truly a day to be reckoned with,  you would not have fished the rocks that morning.. Basically is any one keen to go for a morning or arvo rock session, I'm mad keen and could definitely stand to learn a few things.. located in Sydney's inner west, willing to drive wherever

- pez

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Gd'ay oldpez,

A video link to the trials and tribulations of Rockhopping.

Big pelagic fish off the rocks. Not for me. One of the most dangerous amatuer sports in the world. Wear a life jacket and never fish alone off the rocks, tell someone where you are going. Special shoes too. Long or flying gaff to be used on bigger fish.


(Don't get complacent). If you go In it could be a long swim to the beach. Too high up. You can be cut up by barnicales ect. Get to know you spot well.

No fish is worth dying for. My family where experienced rockhoppers. A uncle (RIP) cancer) used to go alone. Pushing his luck I reckon. Big Jewfish and Kingfish at Catherine hill bay and my dad used to take me to Kurnell. Just a word of caution mate. 

Regards PK. 

Sorry what my family taught me then I found this.




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Added Link to rock safety in fishraider

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I guess it depends on your target species. I've only tried for drummer so I have a long rod, I wear a  life jacket and I have spiked boots. I've only caught a few, so I am no expert. 


What are you targeting. I'm a long way from you, I guess a drive up to the CC is too far for you



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thanks for your replies. Im targeting whatever I guess. Kingys, salmon, drummer and that sought of thing

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