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shock cords

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Ever wondered how these are made ? and yes it's easy and you can make them yourself at home.


All I do is get a length of wiper snipper cord and a short length of dowel, drill a small hole in one end of the dowel and poke the snipper cord through about 6-8 inches then tightly wind the cord around the dowel till you have the desired length. then I cable tie the end to hold it firmly so you have also some straight length at each end. Then you get a pot big enough to hold the dowel and put some weight on it to hold it down ( stop it floating ) , then you boil the water for approx. 15 minutes, then transfer dowel and cord straight into a pot of ice water and keep it submerged for a further 15 minutes. Now you have a shock cord. You then use whatever you want to attach to each end using crimps.

Hope someone finds this useful.



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I have these all over the boat with different tools attached so I have things in easy reach and they don't get lost, and easy retrieved if dropped overboard. Sure they are cheap as chips to buy but making things myself gives me satisfaction.


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