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Places to start boating Brisbane / gold coast

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Got a 4.2m aluminium boat with a 40hp on the back recently. 

Taken it around Victoria point a few times and am still getting used to the boat Ramp procedure - it stresses me out especially when busy. 

Is there somewhere else quieter some one would suggest to take my boat out for fishing until I learn and get used to boating a bit more? Redland and Victoria point seem pretty hectic and I obviously have still a far bit to learn about ideal Bay conditions - it was a bit hairy last time on the trip back. 


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I guess the only real answer is to just do it, practice makes perfect, don't get flustered, just take it easy and get a routine, how far to put the trailer in the water, how much winch cable to pull out, stuff like that will come with time, as long as you have a helper, things will get easier, even if you go to the ramp on a bad weather day, and just practice when there's no one there, no amount of you tube movies or reading beats actually doing it.

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Fished the bay a fair bit when i lived in Brissie, watch your forecasts, have a look at the arvo seabreeze and head into it on your way out then with it on your way home, the chop can be nasty. Fair bit of good territory around the HA artificial reef, often the mackeral schools will get that far down, you are not far from Jumpinpin and its million miles of channels and sheltered water- flattie central

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