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couple of kayak sessions

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The oportunity arose on Friday for a yak session so decided to hit my regular spot at Nambucca fished here early in the week for nothing so confidance wasn't at an all time high.

The aim of the morning was casting plastics around the edges and boats, straight out from the launch site started casting along the cruise boat and third cast the zman grub is eaten


always good to land a fish early in the session

some bait started getting chased around, a cast in the middle of it and on again


a tiny tailor to add variety

worked around the boat for multiple miss hits, then a proper take and dropped fish only to have a pack of them smash the plastic yak side 


another bream unfortunetly not the biggest in the school

worked my way along the snag lined edges for  couple of tiny bream and a dusting to what I assumed was a big bream, a re-tie and working along another take 


a crescent grunter, haven't caught one in years caught a couple of them along the edges 

heading back chucked a deep diver around for a bit resulting in a small flathead


heading back to the launch site put a final cast at the cruise boat and managed one more fish for the session


that concluded the first session

Sunday arvo i went out with the kids for a muck around in a small creek, I was chucking a big zerek live shrimp merely practicing some retrieve techniques after nearly 20 minutes in the same spot you couldn't imagine the surprise when it was eaten


A good quality flathead not overly long but thick

Got out again Monday arvo for another yak session this time on blackbutt creek just out of Macksville, it was a tough start casting hardbodies around the timber with absolutely no interest. couldn't catch a break with luck with snagging and just catching leaves etc.. ready to pack it in, lure gets hit yak side 


not big but a relief to break the doughnut

with some restored confidance kept casting for a couple of ant sized bream 

heading back worked the opposite side of the creek, halfway through my retrieve sat the rod down to readjust my drift the the paddle pick up the rod again and theres a fish on it and a better quality fish he fought deep and stubborn but after awhile a much better bream came yak side to reveal one prong of the treble lightly pinned on his lip after  nerve racking attempts got him safely in the yak


 again not a monster but a better quality fish and certainly a morale boost after a tough bite 

that fish concluded the session as the mozzies decided to come out in force 

cheers for reading 



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