Goodradigbee River

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Hey Raiders!


I’ll be heading off on a camping trip this weekend to swinging bridge reserve & I’ll be trying my luck in the Goodradigbee river. I’ve never targeted fresh water species beside bass which I’ve only got the crankbait deep diver lures. Could I get some tips on catching the trout and cod & some pictures of lures please


 cheers kaneo

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Hi @Kaneo,

I have never fished the river so can't help too much. All I can say is move slowly and quietly upstream casting as you go keeping an eye out for fish.

A  few of the lures I have had success with fishing for trout are,

Shallow diving Jackall Chubby and pro lure crank both are 38mm .

Shallow minnow style hard bodies in the 4-8cm range such as rapala x-rap or atomic hards suspending minnow.

Any paddle tail soft plastics are another good option in the 2-3inch sizes. I use Kietech easy shiner or swing impacts and fish arrow j-shad. I fish plastics on as light a jig head the flow in the river allows even using resin jig heads in very slow moving water to really slow down a retrieve. 

Small spinners such as a rooster tails also work well.

I mainly stick with natural colours and lures with no to little rattle especially in clear water but will go bolder colours and rattles in dirtier water. 

Cheers and good luck, Trav.


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Kaneo, I used to fish the Goodradigbee many years ago. It was a superb trout water (you wont find any Bass there though), but I understand, even though there may be the odd trout still lurking, Carp have overrun the place. It certainly is a beautiful spot to camp though, plenty of walks and some nice waterfalls. I'd suggest you contact one of the tackle Shops in either Yass or Canberra to check what type of fishing you may encounter mate.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Thanks boys !

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