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Rod Builders/Pro’s - Questions

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Hi I have a couple questions for all knowledgble Rod builders.


1) Just curious, do all commercial rod companies assemble their guides onto the rod stick all using thread? Or are there companies that don’t use thread at all and use something else?

2) Are all rod guides repairable? If I get it repaired and they use the thread/epoxy technique will it still be the same as factory or would I have problems later on with it breaking etc? Or is it exactly the same procedure how bigger companies install/repair their guides? Just worried about it affecting my rod performance and longetivity as it is expensive rod.

3) My rod is an EGI carbon fiber rod in the middle of the rod 2 guides have fallen off causing the rod’s black casing mould which holds the guides in place has cracked. Is this repairable?

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Hi Spool all good builds use thread, all guides replaceable. Suggest contacting manufacturer but sounds like "owner malfunction"? Guides shouldn't fall off especially from expensive rod- are you sure it isn't epoxy that has 'cracked'? Some expensive brands of off the rack rods sell replacement sections but in truth they are big $- Go see your local tackle dealer- they will tell you your options- carbon fibre great for 'responsiveness' but fragile in a different way and sounds like rod 'caught-up' in some way and may now be susceptible to breakage anyway. Sorry for bad news!

Regards Waza

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1) Im sure all reputable companies use thread.

2)Same procedure. If repairer uses correct thread finish it will be fine. not 2part alraldite with no flex agent that will crack when your rod bends.

3) totally repairable. i even sand all my rod wrap coat to give it a matte/flat finish.

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There are a couple of ways of using thread finish. The first is to add filler to the thread before coating, this gives you a layer of thread with a coating of epoxy over the  top. 

The second way uses no filler so the epoxy soaks in and becomes part of the thread as well as changing to a darker colour, it sounds as if your rod has used the second way and any rod builder should be able to choose a thread combination to match your rod.

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