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Jervis Bay


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Hi All.

Heading to Jervis Bay with my brother for 10 days after Anzac Day. Was wondering if anyone has been getting a few kings "inside" the bay ie Point Perp, Middle Grounds,  Longnose etc?

Not after specific locations, just info if they are still around in numbers?

As want to minimise the amount of gear we take down if they aren't really about.

Also any squid about at the moment? Should we take down extra jigs due to jackets biting you off? Last year at the same time we lost 22 jigs in 7 days, was a expensive BUT rewarding trip.

Any info would be greatly appreciate, not after specifics just a general heads up if anyone has any info.

A HUGGGGEEE thanks in advance to anyone that could shed some light on the situation down their at the moment.


Happy Easter!



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4 hours ago, Green Hornet said:

I can't help you with the kings, but I do know the squid have been biting well lately, some big ones amongst them too.

It always pays to bring extra jigs, there's not many jackets at the moment but they can show up any time.

Thanks Green Hornet for the heads up. Did a quick count today, Ive got just over 50 squid jigs, and my brother has over 80+ squid jigs, all yammies or zori's... just hope this is enough and the bloody jackets don't turn up.

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