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The only way to cook fish - Yum

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Salt and Pepper + Vegeta 

Lemon slices 

Cleaned catch


Firstly preheat your BBQ and close the lid.

Take a large piece of foil, a piece that is big enough to wrap your fish in. 

Snack your fish down on it and sprinkle sprinkle and lay some lemon slices too.

Roll your fish up so it's in a little foil baggy - en papillote

Throw it on the BBQ or Charcoal whatever you got and let the magic happen. 

I reckon about 5 to 6 minutes a side for the bread and butter stuff, the bigger boys I just wing it. 

The best part is the flavour and moistness that is retained from cooking it in the little foil baggy. And the lemon slices on top and underneath the fish help protect the fish from burning when it's cooking.

Another good thing is that the fish should fall right off the bone, if done correctly you can gently lift and pull the fish tail towards the fishes head and the whole fish skeleton should pull apart from the cooked flesh leaving you with a Yummo fisho and pretty much almost no bones. 

This is how I cook 90% of my catch and mainly because I've got my BBQ hooked up to Natural Gas.

You can infuse any flavors into this method and I'm sure it will be a banger. 

Try some butter too if you want.

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