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A cheeky Wednesday with a few firsts going out out

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Overdue a catch up with my old mate, who happened to be working from home we decided the new boat would bet he days office with a sunny low 20s temp and next to no wind.

a lazy 10 am start saw us pottering around the third runway with no bites and all we got at watts reef was huge rock cod...

with the day being so flat and the weather so tame we decided to head out out and past the heads,

i set the trolling rods out basically two rods horizontal from mid ships.... let them out 30 metres and with then speedo showing a little over 4 knots we hit the north coast and started trolling without much of a clue what we were doing..... well I see my rod bend pretty hard and we are on... old mate drives us out to sea a bit and the fish fights hard as they tend to and landed at 38 cm sashimi for dinner.

after trolling a bit further we decide to drift a little with baits down and my mate lands a cracking bream. Then all hell breaks loose something takes the trolling lure a deep dive that must be just sitting there as the rod bends right over, it takes old mate a good twenty seconds to wrestle the rod out the holder.

30 seconds later and two oh fcuks later and we lost the beast....

a good day out for sure.

say a dolphin breach 6 feet away the westpac heli and even Greenpeace looking very dodgy doing some kinda training


some questions 

once you get a hit trolling should you hit this spot by spinning or just troll again?

whats some good spots for just outside 

any tips on trolling should I be faster Etc 



EC1F2D42-1404-403A-8C4E-5F9BE2FB5D41.jpeg.3142c8fad308b509f7465523838b3c03.jpeg   679AF938-AC94-48FF-9168-1A0B99C4BAE0.jpeg.10946026a7f4cbfd4f3e54cbf9097817.jpeg  3DBEA9EF-8643-451D-817D-211730B0F9E3.jpeg.5ab9cff2cc1a25144c0d04f908233928.jpeg

The Greenpeace guys 

cheers raiders 




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You made the right choice heading out on a day like today. 

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Posted (edited)

Nice work mate.

Some advice when trolling. You can upsize your leader line to reduce lost fish. The rationale being that when your trolling, the lure is moving and the fish don't get tonnes of time to inspect the "bait" as compared to say, a bait suspended whilst at anchor. This means they don't get a good chance to see your line. Trolling lures usually entice a "hunting strike" from fish as opposed to a "nibble, taste and return" .

Once you have a strike, first thing to do is steer the boat into deep water, then fight the fish in deep water, again reducing the risk of losing the fish.

In terms of fishing spots off botany, there is a reef that extends off cape banks. You can fish along the edge where the reef meets the sand in about 48 meters of water for snapper, flathead and other critters.

Southern end of Maroubra is another good spot, where the junction of the sand (orange) and mud/shell (grey) sea bottom meet is a great flathead grounds, and in close the headlands usually hold nice kingfish and bonito at the right time of the year.



Cape Banks.jpg


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Answer to questions.

1. If only one hookup, then second fisho can flick behind hooked fish - often results in catching another from the school - don’t be too quick to bring the fish in as others will hang around.

2. I do t think you said where you were fishing, so “spots outside” - outside where?

3. If your up the north coast, you can troll at 10knots for Wahoo and 4 knots for spotties, but if your around Sydney, kings, tailor etc, 2-3knots is where I usually sit, with swell pushing you to o. Assignable 4 knots,


hope this helps

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Trolling speed really depends more on your lure's action than the fish themselves. I have some skirts and stick baits that we happily run at up to 10 knots, the diving Rapala's more often at the 4-6 knots. I've also trawled big vibes at 1-2 knots and caught fish. Main thing is that the lure's action is working correctly, skirts breaching every so often but not just skipping, stickbaits staying under the surface and your divers holding down with good vibration visible in the rod tip. If that's all going right then your speed is good. Also worth noting that one reason I like having a mix of lures is we can trawl the coast line with the higher speed lures to start until we get a hit or see action on the surface or sounder following which we can switch to slower speed lures to work the area if we want.




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