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Soft Plastic and Hardbody lures

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I've been trying to figure out how to use soft plastics and hardbody lures for a while now. I just have a few questions on how to improve strike rate. My playground is mainly the Nelson bay break wall because its where I always bag fish on frozen petrol station bait. I have tried the soft plastic Zman Grubs 2.5 with 1/4 oz weight size 2/0 hook and I never get anything touching it, so one of my first questions is, there is so many baitfish around the walls and the soft plastic is to imitate those it pointless to use soft plastic land based because the fish already have a better fresher live option in front of them? And is it better to use the soft plastic for deeper inshore and offshore work, where the soft plastic has more of a chance to be taken because it will stand out more from the protection of the walls. I understand soft plastics may work very well when rock fishing with heavy gear but I think of the break walls as lighter family friendly fishing.

I do have some hardbody daiwa double clutch lures the small 70 or 75mm ones and I love the action they give, are they only for shallow water use ? Can I put a sinker on it so i can try fish it in deeper water off the break wall? I think i might have a chance to catch something good on it if i can get it deeper? Or are they not meant for deeper water and only shallow flats?

I really appreciate your knowledge and help.

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I’ll try to answer some of your questions. 

Firstly, the breakwall is a great structure and plenty of fish frequent that area. The current can run really hard in that area so trying to work sps land based is a tough ask. 

It would be a lot different if you were on a boat casting towards the structure and trying to entice them back towards you. 

You could try casting metals early morning and late afternoon when the water traffic dies down in the hope of a king, salmon or tailor. The most success I’ve had there is casting out a lightly weighted nipper or prawn and allowing it to drift with the current. Some really big bream there! I have hooked kings and small Jew there on sps but once again that was from a boat. 

Hope that helps! 

Cheers scratchie!!! 


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That setup is fine for SPs.

Some tips to get you on your way:

* Go early morning (first light early!) or arvo. We are entering a quieter fishing period compared to summer but you should still find fish during these times.

* Try powerbait 4" minnows with the 1/4oz jig heads, using a loop knot for extra movement, on 10-12lb fluoro attached to 6lb braid on a 7ft 2-4kg/3-6kg graphite rod- this combo is a versatile one that can land you bream through to kingfish rats and fish inbetween. Can work all parts of the water column and is a great for flatties.

* Cast in a fan progression, bounce along the bottom retrieve. Cast out and jerk back along mid and top water. These are you primary retrieves.

* Keep an eye out for surface activity (boiling on the water, birds diving in etc...) Work that area if you can cast into it. Use the fast jerk retrieve (think escaping baitfish).

There is so much info on this site, the above are the tips I held onto when I started and still continue to apply today.

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Posted (edited)

I haven't caught much off that break wall for a long time but if I do go for a flick there its only a short one about 30 minutes each side of either high or low tide, as scratchie said the tide jest runs so hard there its near impossible fish unless your into your float fishing for Luderick.

Ive never been lucky enough to see any kings there but I know that they frequent the area.

I recon you have more chance of catching a nice bream on the inside of the wall with an unweighed prawn or maybe with simething like an Atomic hardz bream lure or a vibe.

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The 2/0 1/4 oz jighead is way to big for a 2.5inch grub it'll bomb too fast and probably not the best lure choice of a breakwall, i use them in less current with a lighter jighead on a no 2 hook

The double clutch is a good lure although the trebles are made for trout and don't take alot of punishment in a breakwall area try casting along the wall landing your lure about 1m out and retrieving it along the rocks where the fish are sheltering

You're best off starting out targeting sandflats for flathead and  build some confidence with lures

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