getting back the mojo, weeks worth

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A couple of weeks ago my fishing mojo was getting low especially after a tough trip to the Nymboida with Amy landing one small cod and me a doughnut. Feeling like I'd forgotton what a fish felt like desperate to land a fish a good mate and I took the kayaks to the upper Nambucca looking for bass which I figured was a sure thing. So after 2 hours of casting with not even a sniff we decided drastic action was needed so we loaded the yaks and headed down system. Found an area I've always wanted to kayak a paddock sized area of old oyster racks with not much daylight left it was a quick launch and straight into it.

The whole area is a minefield of barnicle covered posts just beneath the water, and third cast the lure was nailed 


Not big but a fish, the monkey jumped off my back, 

kept casting for a couple more ants but there had to be some better fish and sure enough 


a slightly better fish this whole area is locked drag white knuckle fishing which from a kayak is nothing short of fun and stressful at the same time.

Running out of light headed back to the launch site and chucking "one last cast" 


managed one more bream for the session ending with 7 bream and a flathead for the arvo, 

fast forward a few days with a couple of hours to spare before work headed out early to the same spot hoping to fish a lot more of the area made the long paddle against the tide to the end of the old racks, started off with a tiny flathead and a treble in the hand 

casting an sx40 didn't take long to find a bream


there were plenty this size 

working along the bream gradually increased in size 


punching a cast right up in some nasty structure lure was nailed on the first twitch thinking a monster bream I allowed myself to get excited when it was muscled out into open water only to find a tiny GT


not the first or last time I've mistaken one of these guys thinking solid bream

The bream just kept coming from around the old racks


and around the new ones 


no monsters but plenty of high 20's to 30cm fish


The session ended with 12 bream a flathead and a GT

Over the next couple of days squeezed in a couple of quick landbased sessions around Coffs marina and Nambucca for a Silver trevally in the marina 


and some Moses perch around Nambucca 


Finsihed off the week fishing around Port Macquarie and Laurieton aiming to put Amy onto some oyster rack bream 

We started off fishing Laurieton the water was clear and the fishing a bit slow we put in many many casts around oyster racks but we persisted and eventually with a perfect cast Amy is connected to a solid oyster rack bream it gave her a hell of a tussle


it's easy to underestimate the power of a bream on a locked drag, Amy certainly won't be again apart from a flathead which found it's way into the frypan it was a quiet session, although I did try and rescue a cormorant I thought was tangled in fishing line but turned out it had been caught and taken by an a massive octopus.

Finished off the week with a session on some Hasting's river oyster racks again the fishing was tough but the area looks good and certainly is full of fish


we managed a few flathead no big ones but one nice 40cm also found his way home for dinner 


and a nice little whiting that nailed my lure right up against the oyster trays


So with that week my fishing mojo is back   

hopefully more fish to come soon

cheers for reading 




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Awesome report, thanks for sharing. I'm glad you regained your Mojo.

We all go through those fishless phases and it's a great relief when you finally get the monkey off your back.

Nice work with the Cormorant, I would never have thought of an octopus taking a bird, but if it's underwater and swimming around, why not?

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Nice work Dave! Always good fishing on home ground! 

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Great report Dave, thanks for taking the time to post.

Hope the Treble came out of the hand OK to.

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Awesome report 

Octopus eating a cormorant... certainly not something you see every day!!!

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Great report. Great Photos.

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