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Hey Raiders,

I’m Josh, and have been fishing Botany Bay for a few years out of an old de havilland and now a small polycraft.

Been getting the new boat running right and been out a few times for a fish with mixed results and only a few keepers.

i ma either out with my mate chasing a feed, trevs, flatties and the elusive legal king, or with my 2 and a half year old who is yet to catch her first fish.


i fish the runway, mainly get undersized snapper, molly point rarely catch anything, or the oil wharf where  I’ve had most success,


took ok a day out with Scotty Lyons but could not replicate  that success myself.... so looking for a mentor to come out in my boat a few time and up my productivity so I can be more productive....


mainly available on on weekends and the odd weekday.... fully equipped tackle and boat just need the no how 4BA39784-0458-45BB-B234-09FE11DAADF4.thumb.jpeg.1f446f4ea5875eb2a2ccb94c305d9f4c.jpeg



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Hi Baysic, cant say Im a mentor but on most occasions I come home with a feed out of BB, mostly flathead, flounder, squid & occy fishing out of my 13ft Quintrex.

There are usually plenty of Taylor around in the warmer months which I don't bring home but they are a bit of fun & yes there are kings but I haven't been overly successful with them myself.

In saying that my last 2 trip produced donuts.

Imo fishing this time of year is tougher than through spring/summer/autumn so I tend not to even go out until September rolls around.

I'd be happy to catch up with you one day when I am back on the water & we can talk tactics, tackle & marks that could be worth checking out.

I am just self taught & developed my methods(mostly SP's) & found my spots by just doing research & also just bouncing around & trying different set ups.

There is a great deal of info in here in old threads as well that's worth looking at.


If I had a boat that size personally I would also be checking out just outside the bay, doing some trolling either side of the entrance, people catch kings there frequently & also bonnies.


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Cape Banks just off the point is good on a outgoing tide and swell less than a meter -- 

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