Sunday on the Harbour

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Wanted to get the boat out for a run before it has its 3yr major service and since its been a few weeks between boating / Fishing.

Had the boat packed to go on Saturday night but the wind picked up , so looking at Willy weather Sunday was going to be better so pulled the pin Saturday night and went Sunday morning instead.

Woke at 5.30am and while having breakfast my youngest (7yr) came walking out to the kitchen dress like he was going to the snow, he said if I'm going fishing he is coming to but he will be warm.

Then a few minutes later my oldest came out and she was ready to go, so instead of a solo trip I have 2 out 3 little adventures coming along.

I hit the water at 6.45am and it was so calm and quiet, My daughter took the wheel from Rhodes to the 15knt zone under the harbour bridge and there was not one boat or ferry around, So little traffic meant that the washing machine under the bridge was almost like glass. It was great for her to get some time under her belt as she builds confidence, So much easier now she has her License, just needs time behind the wheel and soon launching will be a breeze as she will be able to dive off and putt around while I park the trailer.

Since the kids came along I threw in the portable stove and fry pan, along with eggs bacon and some avocado, once we were fishing, on goes the pan within a minuted, everyone is having breakfast on the water with  the Harbour bridge and city in the background.

Needless to say with the little one no much fishing happens but he did manage to catch a Pinkie and lost a bream, so he was happy and we packed up and went for a drive around.

The kids have started watching Young Bloods on YouTube, so adventuring and snorkeling will be the thing for us to do this summer.

Back to the ramp at full throttle around 11am just with a coupe of boats and a few ferries.


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Beautiful!! Looks like you had a great day!

Great to see you took the family with you ;)

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Sounds like you had a really pleasant morning session with the Rugrats and a nice breakfast even if you didn’t catch much it’s always good to be out on the water especially this time of year 

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was out to yesterday morning you would of come past us at cabarita we were drifting between marina and abbotsford rowing club ,red boat nice to know there were raiders out yesterday to .such a a great winters sunday  out there. we caught 13 flatties ,2 tailor all on white bait ,pilies and prawns ,the fish did not like the plastics yesterday at all .and not much run in between high and low tide though cheers dunc333

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we were in a white Stacer bow rider and because it was so flat we were flying on the way out and the way back.

next time I should stop and steal your fish as at least then I could show the wife what fresh fish look like. Ha ha ha


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