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Middle Harbour mixed bag


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Hit Roseville ramp around 6.30am on Friday and first stop was Sugarloaf about 100m out from the steps. Dropped down four baits two single 2/0s with a small ball sinker and two double 2s. Bait was chicken gut, supermarket peeled prawns, (salted) imported squid, and salted pilly. Only five minutes and up comes a nice flounder 35cm on the chicken and single 2/0. Another 10 minutes the big hit comes with my first legal king, nearly 70cm.  Did not figure a fish could fight like that. Chicken again. Water was 14.5. All quiet for the next hour. The weather is great with just a light breeze. Moved down to Quakers hat with no luck so moved on to the shallows between Chinaman's & Balmoral. A few slow drifts took a couple hours and three flatties on the double 2\0s and pillies Then round the corner at Grotto Point for an hour or so for 0. Water was around 16 there. Then it was off to one of the mornings at the spit. Fun and games started almost immediately. King after king on the squid. All under size but I had a ball. Time was getting on so moved up to Bantry Bay for the night. Hooked up to the mooring opposite the little waterfall and settled in for the night. No action at all so it was time for nap. I put down a butterflied chopper, a squid and a butterflied Yakka that I had jagged. All on a double slider rig with 6/0s All quiet until there's a hit around 11.30. Pulled up the rig with the tailor head, rigged another squid and back to the sleeping bag. Another hit at 3.30am and after a few minutes I put a 75cm Jew on the floor, Yakka did the damage.. Made breakfast and coffee at about 7.00am and then did some prospecting until around 10.30 and called it time. A great mixed bag and nice weather, doesn't get any better.




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