Lostock Dam Winter Session

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Winter is slow, we all can agree and we are all granted with it as an excuse when the fish just are not on. I had the luxury of having a day off last Friday and a mate and I arranged to go for a run upto Lostock....Who would of guessed? haha.

Up at 4.30 in the morning, met up with my mate and jumped in his truck. As we were in his boat I was able to relax and fish a bit more. I was very privelaged to be in someone else's boat for a change. We arrived at the dam at about 6.45, was still watching the sun rise over the hills. The boat was on the water pretty quick and we had our lures on looking for anything on the surface. As it was expected there was no surface bites, we moved on to trolling and throwing hard bodys around pretty quick. Dead quiet we moved to another spot ,BANG!!! using soft plastics Adg hooked on to a bass. Showing all kinds of excitement he pulled in a 45cm personal best! We had him back in the water pretty quick and we moved along looking for more fish. We sounded them up but we were unable to strike. As we were running out of time, we tried trolling and some other spots but in the end we just packed up.

I was not arguing with the results as we did get a fish and it was a PB which is always rewarding to see!

Yes winter is slow, fish don't bite like a late spring frenzy or a autumn blitz but when they are on they are on!

As per usual i have made a video report, linked below for those who wish to watch. 

Tight Lines,




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Cracking video Josh! What a shame the fish didn’t play ball. Great commentary along the way! Loved it 👍

cheers scratchie!!! 

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Good video Josh. Bring us some more.

Love the fact that you did not catch fish and still showed us the process and preparation. 

Was that a golf ball retriever? We use a tackleback at Glenbawn, must look at that.

We are at Exmouth and having probs getting much landbased!  


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