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Fish ID please. (Latchet)



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23 minutes ago, frankS said:

Noel is right also the V tail is a dead give away the gurnard has rounded tail ( can't think of correct names now, mental block ) .


Caudal Fin there Frank.

The funny thing is some of the common names for this fish have Gurnard in them.

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Ok so the verdict is in .... latchet is a great chew !  

I rolled the fillets in 5 spice + corn meal, placed a skillet in the BBQ, heated it up, drizzled olive oil and a few garlic slices on the skillet, placed the fillets flesh side down and closed the hood, then rotated after 5 min ....  served with a side of air-fried roast vegetables - rustic chunked potato, sweet potato, carrot, onion,  lemon, olive oil, italian herbs, black pepper and himalayan salt. 

The latchet is a firm flesh, but surprisingly sweet. Texture is a bit like thai fishcakes - firm.

Now where do we find some more !



Oh .. the jacket tasted good too ... but too many bad memories with that one....

Cheers Zoran

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1 hour ago, JimC said:

I occasionally get Gurnard in St Georges Basin.

It's a Latchet, not a Gurnard, even though they look similar, until you see them side by side in pictures or fresh, be pretty rare to catch a Latchet in the Basin.

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I can vouch it was delish ! 

Maria said she wouldn’t mind some more of these but I’m not sure there is any real way to target them.  Guess they are just by catch that taste 👍

Cheers Zoran

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