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Sussex Inlet


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Just returned from a week down at sussex . We rented a house on the canal which had a nice pontoon with a cleaning table and seating so I figured there must be something in there. Checked in at the tackle shop for a bit of lnfo. The waters to cold and clear but the bread and butter are normally about was the reply. I had my supply of salted pillies (home salted) , supermarket prawns and some leftover hawkesbury squid. I don't do any float fishing so purchased a pencil float and some tiny hooks. I read here about the difficulty in catching the big mullet but when you see them jumping about. Anyway I gave it a go. For the week on the float I picked up my first blackfish,not big but a first is a first. Ended up with a few of them all returned,  Then there were the garfish that were in abundace all caught using fresh bread with about a metre drop with two little split shot for weight. NO MULLET A mixed bag on the other rod, 2\0 circle, on 20kg braid ( that's all I had ) and a lightish leader and smallest sinker I had was 1oz pearl ( home made ). The result was a few flatties, flounder, tailor  all leagal and returned a puffer and a ray. Prawns and pillies did the job with the squid getting a 0.




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