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For Snatcher and any else interested


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John I know you love your photography and you are becoming a master at it. I used to be into it a bit but these days I hardly ever have a camera with me.

Here is a few shots from yesteryear , these shots are over 30 years old now. I know you like sunsets and this is about the only half decent one I have.


And a couple of fireworks.



Don't want to show too much all at once.



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24 minutes ago, big Neil said:

Fabulous photos Frank...a man of many talents indeed. bn

Indeed ...... Friendly Frank - the fabricator, “fotographer”, fisherman.....

Cheers Zoran 

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Thanks guys for the kind words. At the time Sydney Yellow Pages was running a competition for a photo for the front cover that depicted a  scene from Sydney life. I entered the top photo and got to the final 10 but the judges stated it was an out of the ordinary scene for Sydney and that was the end of that. The shot was taken with a Nikon 301 old hat now but all I could afford at the time, slide film and printed in my darkroom from the slide. I have 8000 slides packed away in one of the sheds down the back. Since digital cameras came out I sort of lost interest in photography.


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I like it Frank!


Thing is those of us who grew up on 35mm or even formats like 110 film had to think about every shot.


The main reason why is you had to pay for every single frame on development!


Lighting, aperture, shutter speed, before we even got to the composure. 


Now just set on auto(ok its been around for a while 😂)


I think back at the amount of money I spent on reels of film to get them back & only about 10% worked out how I wanted them.


Now its just delete image or reformat card & start again.


The people who did it the old fashioned way had use their brain & have skill, still now its just about technology 🙄


Im glad I grew up in that era myself because I understand how depth of field, aperture & shutter speeds work, as well as how ISO or film speed made a factor in your shot.

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Kingie. I used to spend hours in my darkroom, more time in there than fishing. I loved doing Black and White I always had at least 2 cameras with me and one was loaded with B & W film the special effects you could do in the dark room was mind boggling. Always used slide film for colour and I would play around with the slides once I got them back from Kodak. I still have about 5 35mm  cameras and still have a small colour enlarger, got rid of all the other gear somehow, keep finding lenz and stuff when going through some gear down in the sheds looking for other stuff I used to have.

I may show some more photos of that very special day on the harbour.


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