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Abrahams Bosom/Honeymoon Bay trip


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Hello all, I'm new on here and have spent a load of time reading up on advice etc however looking for some specific info for fishing JB area particularly at either Abrahams Bosom or Honeymoon bay, will be heading that way this coming long weekend with a mate and we are keen to have a crack at some kingies mainly. Has this area been fishing ok and what have you got results with?

Appreciate any help I can get! Cheers.

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Not much fishing in Honeymoon bay, great spot for the family to swim though, there is a sanctuary around that area, so make sure you know where you can and can't fish, I have caught good Whiting off Long Beach in the summer, especially at the ends near the rocks, but, once again, check the zone, not 100% sure where the no take area starts and finishes.

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Hey mate have fished the eastern side of both the north and south of Jervis, mainly around flat rock on the north and cape st george lighthouse on the south - theres a couple of tracks you can pick up on google maps. Some great fishing off the rocks (obviously weather pending) we usually have either a livey or whole pilchard on gangs under a balloon for salmon/tailor/kingfish, and pump a decent berley trail for snapper etc. Always come home with a feed. 

Have seen blokes get kingies on poppers off there too but 3hrs of casting is a bit too much for my short attention span haha

As always, especially on a long weekend, fishing first and last light not only for better fishing but to get away from the crowds 👍



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Hey thanks for the replies, I checked and it isn't in a habitat protection zone. @wcurrall cheers for the advice mate. Doubt I will head that far East this time. May have a look around currarong though. You had a fish there?

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