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Sneaky morning sesh - Terrigal - Friday

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Was in two minds of going wide chasing kings or staying in close and going for reds. Local intel was that the current was running strong out wide and the fish were hard to find and in small numbers. I also knew I had till late morning as the wind was picking up to 20 knots.

The chase of a big king was too great so tried to raise yakkas and  but couldn’t find them in my usual spots. I took it as a omen and fished in close. I stayed in close and targeted Reds. However with no live or fresh bait I was fishing with pillies.

On the travel, passed a couple pods of dolphins and dodged a whale that breached close enough for me to clinch the cheeks.

Tried a new spot in 35m mark, spent some time sounding out the area and found a drop off into gravel/rock. I was burleying hard and few small reds came up and went back, you beauty I’m in the game. Trying a range of depths the deeper baits snagged a few duskies, the biggest of the day was 54cm. Was stoked with that as now I had a feed for dinner.    

I was perhaps burleying to hard cause next fish was 3 port Jackson’s and 3 banjo sharks, they all went back. Bloody hell the arms got sore.

Wind was picking up and on packing up the boat snagged a blue mowie and another dusky. Was a lumpy ride in and took me two passes to get the boat on the trailer in blowy conditions.

top way to start the long weekend, and a feed of fish for the table. Just what I needed was a day on the water.


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Sounds like a nice day on the water KC. A shame you didn’t pick up that red you were looking for but you managed a feed, a dolphin and whale watch tour all in one trip! Nice 👍 

cheers scratchie!!! 

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