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Kayak Battery

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A mate has bought a water snake motor for his kayak from that large fishing/camping store. 

He is now considering battery size and he believes that the amps draw by this motor he needs a big battery. He is talking about something with the dimensions and weight of a car battery. 

Is this the size battery that you kayak blokes use or should he be considering something else in size and weight that will give him enough power. 


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I used to run an electric on a 16 foot canoe with a quality 35 amp deep cycle battery. It would be good for 4 - 5 hours cruising up river between snags.

It really comes down to how long and how fast you want to run the motor.


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You could get 2x 35 amp hour batteries for the price of a 60 ah full size battery and they would weigh less. use one till it's flat approx. 3 hours use then switch to 2nd battery for another 3 hours. and nobody is going to run an electric motor more than 6 hours a day. Easily stored handled and charged.


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If your budget allows, get a FVP lithium 50 a.hr batt. Runs my 24 lb on a 14 foot yak for 8 hrs on full noise. Well worth the $. Weighs less than a 7.5 ahr wet cell. You can run them down to 4v without any issues. Ill never go back

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