Beach Rod for lures/SP

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Hi All,


after your thoughts on what type of setup to use for throwing lures/SPs from the beach.

I fish mainly on the central coast NSW, main species will be Jew,Salmon & Tailor

budget is up to $500

Thanks for any input

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Welcome aboard.

I use a Daiwa Blood Demon 9' with a Fin-Nor Lethal 100 reel.

I also have Abu Garcia 9' with a Fin-Nor 80 reel.

Both set up's are great.

Before you comment I like Fin-Nor reels. They are great and I had no problems with them.


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You could get 50 different answers on which rod with which reel and none of them would be wrong. There's just so much to choose from out there.

IMO what to look for is a 6-8kg rod around 9 or 10 foot long that suits lures 30 - 60g, a reel similar in size to a shimano 4000 or 5000 and some quality PE 1.5 or 2.0, 8 strand braid.

A 4000 reel and PE 1.5 braid is ample for salmon, tailor and probably any jew you're going to encounter on the beach.

If you're going to fish for jew in reefy areas around the ends of beaches you may need to step things up a bit to cope with the environment.



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