Monster flathead on the Hawksbury

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Hey raiders,


Went away with 4 friends last weekend on a 10 berth houseboat. Was hoping to have a decent few days fishing so I could write up a report but to be honest it wasn't the best.


Managed to score this stonker of a flathead on the first night though. Caught on half pilchards on 4/0 circle hooks. Paternoster rig on 15lb braid 20lb fc leader.

Put up a hell of a fight and trying to land it in a 30cm x 30cm net was very stressful to say the least. Took a good 8 attempts with the net (each of which I had my heart in my mouth) after which we finally got her on board.

Few pics and a measure and she was off to grow even bigger.

Measured 84cm.



Also managed to catch my first squid which was then in turn used as live bait to catch my first ever jewie. Only a baby at 60cm but was great to finally check that one off the list also.


Enjoy, tight lines



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Great report and Super photos.

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Nice work! Top fish, that's one fat flatty 👍

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