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Hello fellow raiders... finally decided to join up now i have myself a shiny new boat and can go chase some real fish in botany bay...was over undersize fish off the rocks. 


So question is...want to target  kingfish in the bay and outside heads, bottom bash outside and on a good day go to FADS.... i got myself a shimano terez 10-30 lb 7.2fr rod amd putting my daiwa bg4000 on it, has 15lb mono on it at moment but may change it.

Now i also will prob end up getting another terez in 30-50lb and will get a saragosa sw reel but not sure what size. I went and had a look was thinking 8000 but the thing is huge... so now thinking maybe a 6000 size. 

What do fellow raiders recommend... i know the bigger itbis more max drag amd holds more line but what else does a bigger size translate to?

Hoping for advice and looking forward to meeting others out on the water some day



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Welcome aboard.

Here is my ten cents worth.

I have a Terez 10-20lb with a Shimano 6000 Thunnus spin reel.

I also have a PennRegiment Black Ops 7'6" 6-10kg Spin with a Penn Clash 5000, great set up.

I use Mono Penn Super X Mono.


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Why not pair the 6000 and 8000 on the terez 30-50lb and see how they feel in your hands

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I've got a terez 40-80 which I use a 10000 twinpower on but wish I'd gotten a 6000 or 8000 ( landed bluefin and marlin with ). I've also got a 20-50 which I use a stradic fg 5000 which I love using as it's light enough to use all day and casts half a mile with 20lb braid. As for species, the 5000 would have to be my favorate one reel capable of so many fish, stopped many kings of 90cm on that lighter outfit but in saying that I really enjoy targeting kings on a 3000 ci4 stradic and a little Daiwa black bream rod ( wild weasel).

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