Sydney Rock Fishing Drummer this/next week

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Hi guys,

My name is Stephen. Looking to do some rock fishing anywhere in Sydney (I live in Rockdale. Have own car). I am very interested in catching Black Drummer. I watched Scotty Lyon's videos on YouTube to get into fishing, and drummers look like great fun to catch. However, If there are no one keen for Black Drummer, I'd be happy to target something else and learn more about rock fishing safety.

I've also asked around for some info on this forum on how to catch Black Drummer. I have come up empty on a few occasions in a few places and would like to see what I am doing wrong.

I've been rock fishing a few times in Kurnell with the old man. But we are both pretty new to rock fishing. We follow safety instructions and check the weather/swell beforehand. But I am still a bit scared and a bit tense when rock fishing. It would be good to go with someone more seasoned to learn about how to do it safely. 

I will have a lot of free time this week/next week (on a study vacation before exams). I have life vest and rock cleats. I have some fishing gear and willing to buy extra rig items. 

Let me know, thanks. 

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Hey mate, im keen to taggle on during weekends. Do get in touch. Cheers

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