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Due to 6 weeks overseas and suffering severe “Piscatorial deprivosa” I’ve hit the harbour 3 times in past 10 days chasing Kingies.  Athough Smokey and windy, I’ve had no trouble getting their favourite morsels - squid and cuttlefish - total of 22 in 3 trips, but usually only get 8 or so, then chase the Kings.

My Intel is:

* smaller jigs working best (1.8-2.5) 

*  pink and orange and light yellowish green have been most successful colours

* more success on paternoster rig than single jigs

* been at all the usual haunts and headlands, no particular spots better than any others.

* mostly all small “Kingie candy sized arrows, with occasional calamari





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Some very nice kingy candy there.   Have you had any success on the kings?   Well done posting what's working for you atm.

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With nice squid like that I feel conflicted.... Use as bait of eat fresh calamari.....
Bait usually wins 😊

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