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Headed out Sunday in the new 5m CC for its first fish. Very very excited. Wind was up but ramp was empty at 515am so a great start to the day. 

Fished with Reelcrazy and Pickles, both whom I met through Fishraider.

Fished the harbour, collecting yakkas and squid for a couple of hours. Small jigs on the drift did the damage on the squid boating around 7 candy sized and one considerably bigger. Yakkas were plentiful. 

Cruised around the various drums/bouys/wedding cakes without much luck. Not a heap of bait present and no arches. Around 11am we were around sow and pigs and before we could blink had a large strip bait hammered by a good fish....then another bait.......then halfway through there fight,  the third rod went off. Queue 20 minutes of mayhem........ then it shut off instantly. No more bites and a blank sounder.

Outcome. 5 fish boated between 68 and 86cm. 2 lost at the rail, 2 smoked us, one likely sharked by something massive. 

Fisherman all home grins ear to ear. New boat well and truly christened. 





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Great day and great photos.

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It was a great 20 mins while it lasted mate - always a pleasure to go out with you and what a way to christen the new boat.


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