Sat morning syd habour mix bags

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Took the little one out for a fish this morning. We fished from 7-10am.  Wind forcast were doggy once again, with wind blowing alot harder then expected. 

Fished unweight. 

Got 2 decent travelly. Losted 1 while I gave the rod to my little one to have a go, but end up dropping it on the edge. 2 bream. A flatty and a leather jacket. No kingie today. They were around on Thursday....  And a school of 70+ I would say, a good 15min fight and had to drag it to a shallow area I order to pull it in. Will be impossible to lift🤣

8lb leader did the damage for the travelly and Usually sufficient for everything. 




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Great report Papafish.  Some nice fish there. 

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