Can 5 lures catch 5 Bass?

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Hey Raiders,

It's been a while since my last report. 

I ventured down the Clarence river looking for some bass. I purchased some timber deep diver lures and wanted to set a challenge. To catch one bass with each lure. It was only a very quick session because before you know it I already achieved my goal. All around 20cm but I managed to pull a 31 cm. Using 1-3 kg rod as well makes it interesting as the whole river is known for snags.

Conditions were standard for early summer in the morning, it was also overcast and hazy. Little bit of wind and not much rain.

I'm not affiliated with the lure company so there is no mention of what they are but if you want some insight then hit me up on a private message.

I have kindly left a YouTube link to my video report below so feel free to have a watch. If you like what you see and wnat more hit the subscribe button to.


Anyway have a good one and tight lines.



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Great video. Learnt something today, thanks.

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