Soft Vibe/Plastic rod for Big flathead & Estuary jew

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Hi All,

I'm looking to get a new rod & reel to chase Estuary jewfish and big flathead on soft vibes & plastics. Most likely be throwing 10-14g vibes and 1/4oz+ jigheads.

I'm eyeing off the new daiwa certate LT 2500 for the reel loaded with 6-8lb braid.

The rod I'm undecided on - I'm leaning towards a 3-6kg rod (nothing heavier, have also considered 2-4kg) and have narrowed it down to either a samaki zing extreme 7ft 3-6kg, the upcoming samaki zinger extreme gen 2 (also 3-6kg) or a Nitro Baby Viper (or if anyone has other suggestions).

The Nitro Baby Viper is quite old now and is more expensive (approx $350). However I do own one of their light bream rods (which is also old) and the blank is really really nice.

Does anyone own a Nitro Baby Viper and if so how does it compare to rods with 'newer' technology of today?

I have a heavier setup (10-16lb samaki zing extreme rod, 10lb braid, daiwa bg 2500) which I originally bought to get into this type of fishing but I just don't find myself using it and it feels kind of cumbersome/lacking in feel. After something lighter to fill that void and would leave the 10-16lb setup for those bigger lures.

Cheers, macca

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Might be out of your budget, I use a G Loomis NRX 842s MR with a 4000 stella FE.  I can easily do 8 hours chucking transoms or vibelicious for mulloway.  It's even lighter if I use my 2500 16 Certate.  

I can highly recommend this rod and it would stop most things that swim either in estuaries or offshore when luring.

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