New boat.... how is the wring job ?

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Hi all.... picked up my stacer 499 seamaster today and i have been reading about dual battery setups  as wiring boats etc..... some of the posts here have been helpful

so below is the wiring the boat dealer did...... and i have a few question. 

is that negative cable bolted to the panel ok... that is not grounding the boat t the hull i sit as doesn't that cause electrolysis?  . Also will change the wingnut to lock bolts.

Does it look all ok and i dont have anything to worry about for the time being till i get my dual setup going



switch 2.jpg

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I think the dealer has taken the lazy way out.  Get rid of the wing nuts, and run the earth to an insulated negative bus bar at the helm using appropriately sized tinned copper wire.  This can all be done as part of your twin battery upgrade.  I'd also strap the battery down so it doesn't jump around when in use, and coat the terminals with a suitable terminal grease or spray to reduce corrosion.   Also try some tefgel on the SS screws to reduce the reaction between the aluminium and stainless steel.  Good luck with the new boat.  Cheers.............


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Yes wing nuts are a no - no, especially with the new high tech motors with computer management. Use nylock nuts to ensure a continuous electrical supply. I haven't seen those plug type arrangements on the RHS of the isolation switch before. Looks like they would be vulnerable to corrosion.

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Looks tidy, but as above, I'd move the negative off the hull and use a bus bar.

You switch looks like it would be used for two batteries that are never used at the same time.

You might want to consider a 1-2-both-off switch, so you are able to charge both batteries

at the same time while you are running the motor. Read up on VSR when you are getting ready to add the second battery.




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Thanks for the Reply guys..... Takign the boat out for first time sat morning, will have my cousin their who i always went fishing with to guide me and give me tips.  practiced my reversing at the ramp yesterday too.


I will suss out the wiring better but yeah when i get the dual setup i will get all done proper even if it cost me a we bit more. was going to go the Blue seas add a battery kit but the dealer said the BEP version is better quality so may go that path. they look the same price wise.



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