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Got a chance for a fish on Thursday and this morning.

On thursday i started in the canal bordering Barnwell Park golf course. When i fish a canal I have begun casting the lure and then walking 10-20m the other way with my reel in free spool, effectively lengthening the cast. Was getting many small taps on my SP but no hook ups. Eventually hooked 24cm bream which gave a good account of itself. Next I hooked up to a tree branch. I've worked out if it's low enough winding in the line till your lure is on the point of the rod make it a lot easier to get your lure back.  Tree was released safely. Then pulled out a tiny bream about double the size of the lure, greedy bugger.


Fished the bay next and eventually a 48cm flattie that had inhaled the jighead so deep I couldn't even see it. Lucky I had my net cause my 6lb leader was pretty frayed and there was no way I  was going to be able to lift that fish. So i clipped the line and started a post about gut hooked fish.



 This morning started at Putney park, a found the left hand side much more productive a  pinky and a couple of small flatties.

Next  hit another nearby bay. Hooked a small flatty i didn't bother measuring. A few more casts and hooked what felt to be something massive, turns out to be a foul hooked bream




Walked around to the otherside of the bay hooked a tiny hand sized flathead. Then I fished a mangrove edge a got snagged, so walked right around to the other side of the bay in free spool, luck I got unsnagged.

There's a drain outlet and I thought being an out going tide there might be some fish at the entrance. So I cast about 1m back from the drain so as not to spook any fish that might be there. Next thing my lure gets hit with a freight train, definitely not a bream. i walked to the edge and theres a nice big flathead hooked. As i'm still getting used to using 6lb leader, I'm pretty nervous as I can't see if it is hooked in the jaw or if the lure been swallowed. After a few minutes playing it very gently I landed it again with my trusty net a 60cm model. 

Thanks for reading 




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Great report and photos.

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