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Pirtek Lanolin Spray

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Hi All,

 I use Inox Lanox and Inox MX6 for my fishing gear, always have.

I have been given a tin of Pirtek Lanolin spray and a tube of Pirtek Lanolin Grease.

It says on the intro for Marine use.

Has anybody used this stuff, and if so is it any good ?


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Hi Rebel

Like you, I'm a fan of MX6 grease and use MX5 in the needle nose bottle for oil on my bearings etc. On my Alvey reels I use Mercury 2-4-C grease which is thicker and tackier than the Innox. Its too thick for my small spin reels and makes them feel stiff to wind.

Can't say I've used any Pirtek product but do believe they produce a quality lubricant. If you're set on using it just pull your reel apart after a couple of months and check how its going. If its not up to scratch you can often hear or feel it through the handle as it starts to break down,

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