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Squid fishing central coast


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On 1/4/2020 at 12:30 PM, rickmarlin62 said:

Plenty of rock spots at towoon bay  blue bay  and further south  or catherine hill bay moonie  in the north   cabbage tree bay norah head  is ok too

@rickmarlin62 whats the proven approach for green eyes off the rocks with regards to jig size, retrieve style, cover/walk a larger area or wait for them to come?

I've done ok in the past drifting in the lake for arrows, but I haven't seen numbers in lake mac yet

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Cast n retrieve  trying to get close to bottom without snaggin  2.5/3.0 preferred size   some jigs are weighted more than others  but i generally thread a small ball sinker on line   go thru sinker twice then slide down to knot on jig   they sink faster and i then work the jig faster covering more ground faster   some spots i stay still and work a large arc  other spots couple of throws  move   colour ???? too many choices  but my faves are orange  or  black with a bit of colour thru them

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