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I was fishing on my kayak on the crooked river again for flathead and I tied my Pb whiting at 40cm. Caught him on a live silver biddy. He put up a good fight as all big whiting do. Unfortunately I didn’t get any flathead but I was losing baits. I also caught a little tailor on a silver biddy which I didn’t know where in the river. 

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7 hours ago, Scratchie said:

You catch whiting on live bait? Wow!!! How big was the silver biddy? I only ever get whiting in nippers! 

cheers scratchie!!! 

I was very surprised too! The bait was only about 2.5-3.5cm long

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1 hour ago, James Clain said:

Great report, how do you catch live silver biddy at that size?

3L juice bottle trap with bread

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1 hour ago, Scratchie said:

Do you mean poddy mullet? 

No. I got poddy mullet in the trap but there’s also a few smaller fish that go in which are the silver biddys. I usually put them back but I wanted to try using them. 

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funny what they will eat sometimes- ive seen 3 genuine kilo plus whiting in my time-one was 1.2 kg cleaned-2 were caught in exactly the same spot in Port Hacking on worms-no suprise there-the other was caught on a gang of pilles off the rocks at North Avoca-mouth hooked -well done anyway

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