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Golden tag competition


Win $10,000 and help fire affected communities

In response to the devastating bushfires and their impact on regional tourism businesses, the Victorian Fisheries Authority has established a tag-recapture competition that will encourage recreational fishers to return to East Gippsland and North East Victoria. for info 

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Have to be a victorian to claim. I would have thought IF they want visitors to the regions to generate re-groth and money going into towns that the prizes would be open to all states. Great idea to promote local business but doesn't make sence to limit it to Victorians.

May have got this wrong. Must have Vic fishing licence , so I guess IF you are fishing in Vic you would have a vic licence, My bad.

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@frankS this is organised to get fishos aka tourists to the area. 

Who can claim a prize? 

No registration is required. The prizes are eligible for any recreational fisher with a Victorian fishing licence (unless they are exempt) who catches a tagged fish by legal methods.


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